Huskies U7 and U9 players play in Beaufort on Saturday Morning

18th December 2023

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Hiversport Huskies Luxembourg

Huskies U7 and U9 players play up North in Beaufort on Saturday Morning

The U7 Huskies were invited to play a friendly match against the U8 Beaufort Knights over at the Beaufort Ice Park. It was a nice sunny winter morning as the kids enjoyed a little warmup prior to the 30 minute match. Parents were out cheering the youngsters on while sipping down their hot coffees. The kids loved every minute of it.

Beaufort Knights also invited the Huskies U9 team to join in on a 4 team tournament between Luxembourg Huskies, Beaufort Knights, Herenthals, and Leuven. The Leuven team were in need of players and were lent 5 young Huskies to help fill that gap and allow the team to play. It was a double round robin set up and the U9 Huskies faired very well considering they were matched up against U10 players. The atmosphere was an enjoyable experience for the kids, the parents, coaches, and team managers. The Beaufort Knights organization were generous hosts and offered an assortment of pizzas to all the kids who participated in the tournament. There were lots of smiles! A big thanks to Beaufort Knights for the nice morning of hockey on Saturday!